Waffle House

Architectural Precision Meets Artisan Craftsmanship at Waffle House

Hawthorn, VIC
Private residential
Year of completion
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Architectural Precision Meets Artisan Craftsmanship at Waffle House
Brief + process
Touchwood Cabinetry's recent project, Waffle House in Hawthorn, VIC, stands as a pinnacle of precision in joinery and architectural finesse. One of the greatest challenges we faced was ensuring the alignment between the site-poured concrete ceiling and floor. Despite the complexity, meticulous laser measurements revealed a maximum discrepancy of just 3mm across the area, a testament to the builder's expertise and enabling us to achieve the architect's vision of perfect 10mm shadow lines. The ground level of the house features floor-to-ceiling timber veneer, meticulously wrapped around the space, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity to showcase our craftsmanship. Additionally, the project included the creation of a custom-made rolling step ladder for the library, a feature that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. The open-plan living room and kitchen were enhanced with a bespoke-built fireplace and kitchen, and the highlight was a solid 12mm steel liquor cabinet, adding a touch of bold elegance. The brass kitchen island, crafted with the collaboration of Formanova, further exemplifies our commitment to working with diverse materials and pushing the boundaries of traditional cabinetry. The combination of these elements results in a space that is not only a marvel of design but also a comfortable, functional living area.
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Rob Kennon
Derek Swalwell
Waffle House is a collaborative achievement, blending Rob Kennon's architectural vision, Dimpat's building prowess, and Touchwood Cabinetry's expert craftsmanship, with Derek Swalwell's photography beautifully capturing the essence of the project.

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