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Two decades of quality, considered and conscious joinery design.

20 Years

Since 2003, Touchwood has been the epitome of cabinetry craftsmanship, setting the standard in design sophistication and earning an unparalleled reputation for excellence.

380 Projects

Touchwood's legacy is marked by 380 distinct projects, each reflecting our dedication to the art of cabinetry, distinguished by beauty and bespoke elegance.

200 Tonnes of Sustainable timber

Crafting the future of premium cabinetry, Touchwood has carefully honed 200 tonnes of sustainable timber into timeless pieces that are beautiful planet without costing the earth.

218 Kitchens

Touchwood's artistry has brought to life 218 distinct kitchens, each meticulously crafted to perfection, showcasing our commitment to artistry and design excellence.

97 Custom Doors

Touchwood's craftsmanship is defined by an unwavering focus on detail, where even the subtlest joinery speaks volumes of our artisanal precision and dedication to bespoke elegance.

Discover the Touchwood difference: a harmonious blend of precision joinery and elevated design that stands at the heart of our practice. Our unwavering commitment to these disciplines defines the breadth and depth of our services, guiding each project to a full expression of beauty, functionality, and enduring quality.


Touchwood joinery stands for authenticity and precision. Our skilled artisans ensure every joint is crafted with care for durability and elegance, blending tradition with modern technique.

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Touchwood's approach to design encompasses thoughtful space planning, material selection, and custom aesthetics. We shape environments with an eye for both modern appeal and timeless functionality, ensuring every design element from layout to finishes is carefully curated to enhance daily living.

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Lior Morsky

At the helm of Touchwood stands the visionary, Lior Morsky, who founded the company in 2003. With a solid foundation in tool making, construction, and working as a professional chef, he seamlessly integrated his passion for building with a love for the home. His innovative designs, characterised by a commitment to combining aesthetics with functionality, have set Touchwood apart in the bespoke joinery industry. Lior's personal oversight of every project ensures that each creation meets Touchwood's exacting standards. With nearly two decades of experience, Lior and Danna have transformed kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and walk-in robes into functional works of art, making Touchwood a trusted name in bespoke joinery.