The Esplanade Residence

Transcending Design: The Esplanade Residence

Brighton, VIC
Private Residential
Year of completion
The Local Project
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Transcending Design: The Esplanade Residence
Brief + process
The Esplanade Residence in Brighton esplanade, VIC, represents a remarkable journey of bringing a visionary concept to life. Designed by a renowned Egyptian architect and interior designer from Hany Saad Innovations, this project required us at Touchwood Cabinetry to embark on a unique challenge. We had to meticulously interpret the architect's renders, translating these ideas into local materials and finishes that not only matched but also enhanced the intended look. Throughout the residence, we utilised a diverse range of materials including brass, leather, upholstery, veneers, and solid timbers. Our design team played a pivotal role, employing photorealistic 3D renders to demonstrate and convey to our clients exactly what they could expect from the final product. This process ensured clarity and alignment of vision at every step. A defining aspect of the Esplanade Residence was the extensive use of marble, supplied by Pazzi Marble & Granite, which added a touch of opulence and elegance. We transformed virtually every wall in the house, employing a variety of materials like leather, fabric, timber slats, and stone to create extensive wall panelling. These elements combined to create an environment that is not just a residence, but a piece of livable art, rich in texture and depth.
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Elevli Plus
Interior design
Hany Saad Innovations
Masco Build
Dave Kulesza
The Esplanade Residence is a harmonious collaboration, showcasing Elevli Plus' architectural expertise, Hany Saad Innovations' interior design flair, Masco Build's construction excellence, and the photographic artistry of Dave Kulesza, all culminating in a stunningly executed project.
We recently just completed our dream family home and were lucky to have touchwood cabinetry on board, an exceptional cabinet maker that truly exceeded our expectations. Their attention to detail is impeccable, showcasing the mastery of their highly skilled labour. The supportive staff ensured a smooth process, while the creative team brought all our ideas to life with ingenuity. Punctual and accurate in their work, this company sets a standard of excellence in craftsmanship. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch cabinetry services.

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