MBAD Studio

Innovating Design Frontiers at MBAD Studio

Prahran VIC
Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design
Design, Cabinetry, Styling
Year of completion
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Innovating Design Frontiers at MBAD Studio
Brief + process
At Touchwood Cabinetry, we embarked on an ambitious project for MBAD Studio, located in the vibrant heart of Prahran, VIC. This endeavour was a unique departure from our norm, primarily focusing on high-end residential work, but the opportunity to collaborate with Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design (MBAD), a firm we hold in high regard, was an irresistible venture. Our approach blended raw, industrial elements with the warmth of sophisticated design. The kitchen fronts, a standout feature, were crafted from raw galvanised steel, meticulously folded in our workshop to create a striking, contemporary look. This metallic sheen contrasted beautifully with the organic textures that are a signature of our work at Touchwood Cabinetry. For the ceiling, we embraced the challenge of precision and aesthetics. Each piece was intricately cut using CNC machines, ensuring that the design not only resonated with MBAD's vision but also exemplified the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship. Along the extensive wall run, we applied micro cement to an MDF substrate, a testament to our versatility and commitment to quality in every detail. This project has been highly commended in the "Workplace Under 1000 sqm" category by the IDEA, a recognition that underscores our dedication to exceptional cabinetry and styling.
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Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design (MBAD)
Spaces Australia
Highly commended by idea in the the workplace under 1000 sqm category
Tom Blatchford
The successful realisation of the MBAD Studio project is a collective achievement, made possible through the harmonious collaboration between Touchwood Cabinetry, Melanie Beynon Architecture and Design, and Spaces Australia. Special thanks to Tom Blatchford, whose photographic prowess has impeccably captured the essence and details of our work, allowing the project to be appreciated and celebrated beyond its physical location.

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