Alchemy House

Mastering Material Fusion at Alchemy House

Melbourne, VIC
Private residential
Year of completion
Vogue, Belle magazine
Top 50 rooms by Vogue, Best bathroom design by Belle
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Mastering Material Fusion at Alchemy House
Brief + process
At Touchwood Cabinetry, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring visionary concepts to life through our expert craftsmanship. Our collaboration with the extraordinarily creative interior designer, Dylan Farrell, for the Alchemy House project in Melbourne, was a testament to this commitment. The project was a symphony of unique materials and bespoke techniques, all harmonising to create a living space that is both artistic and functional. The challenge lay in achieving the specific aesthetic that Dylan envisioned, which required us to push the boundaries of traditional cabinetry. We collaborated with Grims and Sons to mix special stain finishes, ensuring each piece of joinery resonated with the overall design ethos. A key feature in our craftsmanship was the use of sandblasted timber panels, which provided a grainy, weathered look, adding depth and character to the space. In certain areas, we even employed a technique of burning timber, further accentuating the rustic charm of the house. Our work at Alchemy House was a showcase of diverse materials – from the use of antique mirrors and leather to the incorporation of horse hair over doors for sound transparency, ideal for speaker systems. The use of solid brass fixtures from Formanova, along with a variety of stones and veneers, added a touch of elegance and luxury. One of the highlights was the use of burl veneer, known for its rarity and beauty, which set the tone for the bespoke and exclusive nature of this project. Additionally, we custom-designed steel doors for overhead cabinets, executed with the assistance of Formanova, proving our commitment to bespoke solutions and attention to detail. Incorporating technology, we seamlessly integrated LED lighting throughout the joinery, complemented with electronic sensors, to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. This project was not just about creating cabinetry; it was about crafting an experience, a testament to our philosophy of blending art with utility.
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Dylan Farrell Design
Sharyn Cairns
The Alchemy House project is a testament to collaborative excellence, with Dylan Farrell Design providing the visionary architecture and Touchwood Cabinetry executing the intricate joinery. Captured beautifully by photographer Sharyn Cairns, each image reflects our commitment to quality and design. The project's success and recognition in Belle Magazine further highlight the synergy between innovative design and expert craftsmanship.

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